Ask Anna: Everything You Wanted to Know About Online Dating (and more)

Ask Anna your mail order bride questions

We understand. The world of online dating is confusing and sometimes scary. And if you’re looking for that special someone to spend a lifetime with, the stakes are that much higher.

That’s why at we’ve started “Ask Anna”, a new feature where Anna will answer all the questions you’ve ever had about navigating the process of finding a mail order bride…successfully!

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Today’s Topic: Profile Pictures, Gold Diggers, Keeping Your Chin Up


Dear Anna,

I’m about to create my profile on and wanted to see what you thought about me using a photo from my bodybuilding days as my main profile pic. Yay or nay?


Flexing the Time Away


Dear Flexing,

While you might love to spend time in front of your mirror admiring your bare, glistening physique, the same is not true for those of the female persuasion.

Seriously though, the biggest fear for women that are meeting men online is that he will turn out to be some horndog that only cares about physical attributes. Now what signal would you be sending if the first thing she sees is your dancing pecs?

Time’s up. Exactly. She’s going to think you are just another superficial, horny G-U-Y. In other words, a big red warning sign saying “STAY AWAY” will pop up in her mind.

Listen, we all want to find someone we’re physically attracted to. But trust me, 20 years from now when the embers of passion are just barely flickering, it’s more important to find someone you’re mentally attracted to as well, and vice versa. You need to seek out a woman that can be your best friend and who has a good heart.

Trust Anna: putting a picture where you are semi-nude in any way is definitely a “nay”. Don’t do it. Stay classy.


Dear Anna,

I hear horror stories of American guys getting scammed by gold diggers overseas who drain them of their loot, then move on to their next victim. How can I avoid this?


Sleepless Insecurity


Dear Sleepless,

While the instances of men being scammed by women online are quite low, it never hurts to be cautious when dealing with someone you’ve never met, especially if that someone is from overseas.

Listen, here’s the rule of thumb. Pay close attention to what your big head is telling you and not your little head. Your little head is the one that will get you into trouble. Your big head will sound the alarm when something seems like it’s not right.

Here are some signs to look out for:

-She seems overly-focused on your material wealth.

-She constantly asks questions about how much you make.

-She drops hints that she likes expensive gifts.

-She creates sob stories about how her poor brother Ivan has only one arm and needs $20,000 for a new bionic one. Or something to that effect.

Repeat after me. DO NOT send her money. DO NOT send her money. DO NOT…you get the picture.

You may be tempted, thinking you’ll prove to her how you are Prince Charming because you’re willing to help her financially. But all that’s do is label you as a sucker in her eyes, an easy mark.

Trust Anna: a woman who is truly looking for a good husband won’t ask you to prove it through a wire transfer at Western Union. Yes, of course she’ll want someone who can provide for her financially as a husband, but if you’re on this site I’m assuming that’s going to be the case anyway, yes?


Dear Anna,

I’m sad. I’ve been trying to find a girlfriend or wife on the Internet for years, all to no avail. I’m looking to give a try but am really just discouraged that I won’t get any better a result as before.


Despairing Dave


Dear Despairing,

Your email is part of the problem. Women can smell desperation a mile away. And it’s a big turnoff for them.

What do women like? Above all confidence (not cockiness, please note).

I understand that it can be hard. But guess what? Life is hard. Anything worth having is going to be difficult to come by. And what’s more worth having than your soulmate?

So yes, the process won’t be easy but you need to keep your chin up. Approach it with a positive attitude and don’t think the world is ending everything you receive a rejection. Because rejections will happen, that’s just a fact of the dating life. She may reject you, you may reject her.

But did you know that Thomas Edison failed more than 1,000 times before he discovered how to create the light bulb? Now you’re not going to be rejected 1,000 times, but failure is just one step closer to success.

Trust Anna: keep your chin up and maintain a positive attitude. That will seep into your communications with her, and ultimately be much more attractive than a mopey man.


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Ask Anna your mail order bride questions
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