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Women from Bulgaria are some of the most beautiful in the world and we help you to find out just how beautiful they are. We have the crème-de-la-crème of Bulgarian women who are seeking partners and you might just turn out to be the lucky one. Women from the amazing land of Bulgaria have glowing, fair skin and the tone of their skin varies from olive to pale. However, there are some Bulgarian women who have caramel colored skin. Like the skin, the color of Bulgarian women’s hair is also of varying shades but most of their hair color usually ranges from dark to blonde. Similar the color of the eyes of Bulgarian women also vary; while most have brown or black eyes, there are some who have blue or green eyes. Bulgarian women have thin, red lips, sharp nose and toned bodies. Each of our Bulgarian women is exquisite and we help you to get in touch with these angels on earth.

About Bulgaria

Located in the southeast of Europe, Bulgaria has Romania on the north and Greece and Turkey on the south. On the west there is Serbia and Macedonia and on the east is the Black Sea.

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ID 122183
42 y.o. female
Location: Gabrovo, Bulgaria
ID 119608
63 y.o. female
Location: Haskovo, Bulgaria
ID 120753
30 y.o. female
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
ID 121346
54 y.o. female
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

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