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The first thing that you’ll notice about German women is their dazzling eyes. Most German ladies have stunningly light colored green or hazel eyes which can make any man give away his heart at one glance. German girls are mostly blondes or brunettes and they have athletic figures, feminine futures and most of them have sharp noses and a well defined jaw line. They have excellent genes. German women are known to be outspoken, fun loving, friendly and they love sports. It’s like every man’s dream come true. Asides from their sporty nature, they also have a feminine side where they love children and put the needs of their families before anyone.

About Germany

Germany is a country situated in West-Central Europe. Being the third largest importer and 2nd largest exporter of goods in the world, Germany has a strong hold on global economy. They are also known for the football clubs, great cuisine and of course, beer. Germany is also the best country to speak of when it comes to the topic of car manufacturers. BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Opel all originate from Germany itself. German people are very formal but friendly once you get to know them.

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43 y.o. female
Location: Koeln, Germany

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