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Irish women have always been known to be competitive, independent and strong willed. Most Irish women have a good education and are stunningly beautiful as well. When people think Irish girls they think redheads and brunettes. But you will find that there is much more to them other than just looks. They are very friendly and are good company for anyone who is willing to know them better. Irish women like a man who can take care of them but can also provide them with space and independence. They are not looking for support, but all they want is someone who can stand by them and hold their hand through the ups and downs in life. They make great life partners and are loyal and family oriented as well.

About Ireland

Ireland is situated in the North Western part of Europe the culturally rich country is a splendid mixture of traditional lifestyle and modern outlook. There are many interesting places to visit in Ireland too. Many old castles and other historically significant structures are present here. Even though some of these are in ruins, they are still great tourist hotspots. The flora and fauna of Ireland are also well known as they have thousands of unique species of animals and plants in this area. Many festivals like the Autumn Harvest Festival, Saint Patrick’s Day, Midsummer Eve Festival and many other festivals are celebrated with great grandeur in Ireland.

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ID 126628
25 y.o. female
Location: Dublin , Ireland
Katie Doyle
ID 103380
26 y.o. female
Location: Dublin, Ireland
ID 119447
44 y.o. female
Location: Dublin, Ireland
ID 120340
45 y.o. female
Location: Lifford, Ireland
ID 120662
25 y.o. female
Location: Dublin, Ireland
ID 121791
45 y.o. female
Location: Julianstown, Ireland
ID 122061
36 y.o. female
Location: Dublin, Ireland

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