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If you are looking for a woman who is strong willed, friendly and stunningly beautiful and yet loyal and family oriented then you should definitely go for an Israeli woman. Israeli women have all these qualities and they are known to be straightforward and open. Most of them are very well educated as well and some have even served in the army. Their strong will and physical fitness are worth a mention. You will find several good looking and independent Israeli women online looking forward to settling down with men from other countries. Israeli women like men who are independent and let them have their own space as well.

About Israel

Israel is a democratic country situated in the Middle East. Israelite and Hebrew cultural significance can be felt all around in Israel through their food, lifestyle, art work, and historically rich tourist spots. Jewish and Zionism is one of the most significant religions in Israel. Israelis have their own share of traditional literature, visual arts, theater and cinema, fashion, music and architecture. Israelis are also known for their various dance forms which are an important part of their culture. Israeli people are cultured, well mannered and soft spoken.

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ID 111174
35 y.o. female
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
ID 120657
40 y.o. female
Location: Ramat Gan, Israel
ID 120886
64 y.o. female
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
ID 122165
35 y.o. female
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

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