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Italian ladies are known for their intellect and natural beauty. their soft, warm accent, the dreamy light eyes an their pale skin and rosy cheeks are sure to make any man, go weak in their knees. Traditionally, Italian women are very grounded, cultured and well educated. One good thing about Italian women is they love food and they love to eat and cook. They like drinking as well, but they hardly get drunk which is a very positive strong fact about them. Italian women are loud, bold and friendly and they mingle easily with anyone who is willing to talk to them about their culture and themselves. Italian brides online are a very much popular these days at matrimonial and dating agencies online and many Italian women are looking for prospective males to marry from other countries.

About Italy

Italy is situated in Southern Europe and its capital is Rome. Italy always reminds one of romance, cultural and artistic splendor and great food. The architecture of Italy is also worth a mention. The Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy draws thousands of tourists in the country every day. Many great artists like Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci have done some of their finest artwork here in Italy. Italy is also famous for Venice, the land of mystic waters. The Venice Film Festival (oldest film festival in the world) is a well known international event held in Italy every year.

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