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Lithuanian ladies have great bodies and are marginally on the taller side. They have an exotic look that is quite enticing. They have fair skin and warm, honey colored hair that wonderfully accentuates their beauty. Finding such beauties is really simple, all you need to do is select one from our site and can rest assured. They are true to the word gorgeous and make beautiful partners for life. They are very attentive and are so very caring that can only be imagined. They are modern women who still harbor traditional values amongst them. These women like taking care of themselves as well as their family.

About Lithuania

Lithuania is a country which is present in Northern Europe and is one of the three Baltic States. The population of the country is a little below 5 million. The best thing about this country is that it has people from more than one origin: for example, polish, Russian and Lithuanian people live together in peace in Lithuania. The Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania. The country Lithuania borders the Baltic Sea, and sits between Russia and Latvia. Belarus and Poland are among the other bordering countries. Lithuania has one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union.

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ID 65693
54 y.o. female
Location: vilnius, Lithuania

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