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Norwegian ladies are what you call beauties with brain; they are not only great lookers but also have sound sense of humor and are exceptional conversationalists. Being so they are one of the most sought after brides that one can come across. They are soft in their nature and very docile and calm. They have very good personality and are companions whom you would want to cherish for eternity. They are very loving and are very humane. Norwegian beauties are one of the best pick for you to take home proudly as your lady love. They’ll make your life worth living.

About Norway

Norway is located in the west of Scandinavia in North of Europe. The zigzag coastline which is interspersed by large fjords and countless small islands stretches for 25,000 kilometers and approx 83,000 kilometers including the fjords and the minuscule islands. Cruising is the best way to travel to, and around, when in Norway. Hurtigruten is one of the most popular ships for a cruise along the northern coast in Norway. If you like skiing, then places like the Eikedalen Alpine Centre can really be your wonderland. The weather is cool in Norway and there are several local bars, taverns, inns and cozy log houses on rent for all visitors in Norway.

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ID 127442
35 y.o. female
Location: Harstad, Norway
ID 118782
29 y.o. female
Location: Oslo, Norway
ID 119091
54 y.o. female
Location: Grimo, Norway
ID 120787
37 y.o. female
Location: Asker, Norway

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