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33 years female seeks male. Age from 36 to 47
Location: Moscow , Russia

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About myself:I am gentle and oboyatelny scarlet flower. I am a conservative, but at the same time vzbalovannaya and fragile. I combine the best qualities of this woman: I'm a caring, loyal and sincere. I like to sing, dance, play sports, to help people and animals. I'm nastoyazeu chelvoeka positive and always try to notice only good, even where there is no good. I smile, because I think that I do smile the world a little better every day. I'm a dreamer. I like to read books, to grow flowers, take care of yourself, drive a car, to walk, to speak and to prove his point, but I will never impose its Peer. I like to live and let into her life only to those people with whom I will be fine.
About my match:Actually I'm looking for a serious relationship and want to find a man who will light up my my my life, with which I will konfortno and well. I plan Soda family with a man and live happily ever after. I want to meet someone never let go of a kind and sympathetic, who will understand me and zohochet. I think to get acquainted, to socialize and to make a joint trip to some warm country in August, for example, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Dominikanyaskaya Republic or Cuba. If you are really interested in a serious relationship and want to build a future with a girl from Russia, then let's get acquainted, and who knows, maybe we will succeed!
Date of birth:05/02/1985
Hair: color: brown;
length: long;
style: straigth;
Weight:48 kg / 106 lbs
Height:164 cm / 5'5"
Status:never been married
Languages: english, russian
Favourite music: disco, pop, rock, jazz
Favourite books: novels, thrillers, detectives, newspapers/magazines
Favourite cuisine: french, italian, russian, indian
I Like go to: theater, cinema, exibitions, museums, concerts, disco, parks, meeting with friends
I like these activities: dancing, swimming, fitness, tennis, volleyball, gym, traveling, jogging, bouling, runing
Search age group:from 36 to 47
Personality traits: serious, smart, honest, kind, loyal, elegant, sociable, communicative, tender, sensitive, gentle, cheerful, realistic, romantic

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