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29 years female seeks male. Age from 25 to 36
Location: Lucknow, India

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About myself:Nationality: Indian

Attributes: God fearing, enterprising, honest, very caring, adventure driven, forgiving, resilient & extremely loving.

Religion: Christianity (Roman Catholic)

Community: I am half an Anglo-Indian and half Brahmin.

Belief: I respect all religions but worship one God. We have given him different names like Krishna, Vishnu, Jesus, Allah etc. so, I am a panthiest..more of the humanitarian blend. Moreover, denominations just fragment people.

Height: 5.1 ft.

Educational Qualification: MBA (many other degrees in different fields).

Things of my interest: calligraphy, cooking, eye makeup, researching on things that interest me (like Quantum Physics, space-time portals, calligraphy, various cultures, learning new languages etc)

Things that I dislike: fanaticism, hypocrisy, dual- personalities, subjugation of women. i guess that's enough to know right now

About my match:NOTE: In today's time, its hard to have even the least amount of expectation from anyone.
however, I am looking for a person (irrespective of any particular race or religion) who can take care of me, be with me and spend a life together. I believe in the Platonic form of selfless and unconditional love.
Date of birth:12/16/1990
Hair: color: black;
length: long;
style: wavy;
Weight:57 kg / 126 lbs
Height:154 cm / 5'1"
Status:never been married
Languages: english Hindi
Favourite books: classics, thrillers, fantasy
Favourite cuisine: mexican, indian
I Like go to: theater, exibitions, museums, meeting with friends
I like these activities: dancing, fitness, traveling
Search age group:from 25 to 36
Personality traits: confident, calm, responsible, honest, modest, kind, loyal, communicative, romantic

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