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36 years female seeks male.
Location: Cairo, Egypt

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About myself:what can i say more? It is always better to know the person in real life, does not matter what I will write about me.
About my match:As far as I understood from my experience, the most important thing in relationships is trust. Then respect, caring, communication. To share and have fun. Safe love...
Date of birth:09/17/1983
Hair: color: black;
length: medium;
style: wavy;
Weight:67 kg / 148 lbs
Height:172 cm / 5'8"
Languages: english fluent English
Occupation:Fitness instructor
Favourite music: Definitely depends from place, mood, people around you.
Favourite books: any text :-)other
Favourite cuisine: sweets
I Like go to: to meet my friends, to walk, to do shopping, to eat. to the cinema etc.
I like these activities: dancing is my passion!
Personality traits: kind So who is Lika? People say I am easy going person. Kind. Funny. Sometimes rude (why not). Can be quiet or super active. Some days no one can stop me to talk, others - will not say even one word. I am exactly caring person. Full of emotions.

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