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34 years female seeks male. Age from 28 to 50
Location: Miami, United States

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About myself:When I feel safe and comfortable to be myself, my personality is very giggly, fun, and flirty. I'm adventurous and I love to laugh. My mother always taught me that there is a time and a place so when I am not exhibiting the fun and flirty side of my personality, I am quiet, reserved, and firm. I am naturally a teacher and highly introspective. I enjoy doing self-work. I enjoy animals, but not so much having to care for them. I enjoy nature, hiking, and glamping. I enjoy solitude and being shown off. I love to dress up which means I must have someplace to go...just not all the time.
About my match:I desire to be with some who nurtures my free spirit and feeds my passions fervently. I'd like someone who is mature and can speak sensibly about their emotions. I would like someone who can provide safety, physically, mentally, and spiritually for us to grow and play together. This makes for long and beautiful life. I desire a relationship that is financially secure. I'd like someone who is well balanced in their masculinity as well as their femininity. I'd like someone who actively honors womanhood for the lifegiving embodiment that it is. I'd like to be with someone who is creative and enjoys building with their partner. I'd like someone who can show and teach me new things; someone who is as adventurous as I am.
Date of birth:01/17/1986
Hair: color: brown;
length: long;
style: wavy;
Weight:83 kg / 183 lbs
Height:171 cm / 5'7"
Languages: english
Favourite music: country, jazz
Favourite books: novels
Favourite cuisine: no preferences
I Like go to: exibitions, museums, parks, meeting with friends
I like these activities: dancing
Search age group:from 28 to 50
Personality traits: confident, responsible, honest, communicative, realistic, romantic

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