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39 years female seeks male. Age to 48
Location: Kishinev, Moldova

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About myself:Hm..i am outgoing, fun to be with, full of energy, positive person. Have always 101 plan and idea in my head. responsible, good educated and good mannered, loyal, loving, spiritual, realistic..all that is true, but it is crazy to write all that here.
About my match:i value a lot trustful , honest, loyal, caring, respectful, and loving relationship.friendship and passion is really important.Life is so fast passing by, so i am too thirsty to drink and enjoy every drop of it.i love nature, pets(i always had and have),good music and movie, my family and friends, i absolutely addore big water. Ocean, sea. I am sunny..i love a lot of things , but i still have place in my heart for real big love of my life, for somebody who i will be afraid to loose, for somebody who i will be happy to share all my emotions that i have a lot.. somebody who needs love and ready to care . i want a connection based on trust, respect, loyalty,care and love..and big family with endless baby laugh , pets, and fun
Date of birth:06/11/1981
Hair: color: blond;
length: long;
style: wavy;
Weight:59 kg / 130 lbs
Height:178 cm / 5'10"
Children:a son..4 years old
Languages: english
Education: higher,
Favourite music: depends on the mood and occasion
Favourite books: classics, poetry, detectives, newspapers/magazines i love to readother
Favourite cuisine: every cuisine has masterpieces..and i i like nice food
I Like go to: theater, cinema, exibitions, museums, concerts, night clubs, parks, meeting with friends no matter what exactly but very important who is the companion
I like these activities: swimming, shaping, gym, traveling, biking, billiard
Search age group:to 48
Personality traits: serious, responsible, honest, loyal, communicative, sensitive, optimistic i think all the trail which we presented here are acceptable.. i marked the main

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