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Do you prefer the combination of beauties with brains? Then look no further because Swedish girls are just the thing for you. These sizzling ladies not only are mesmerizing in their beauty but are equally witty and have strong sense of humor. They generally have sharp features with pointed nose and chiseled jaw bones. They are very lively and can breathe life in to anything. These fair skinned beauties have light colored eyes which show you the depth of their thoughts and the intensity of their emotions, probably one of the reasons for which they are sought after ever so much.

About Sweden

Sweden is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden, which is also the largest city of the country. Since the early 19th century Sweden has been at peace and has avoided war. In the west stands the Scandinavian mountain range, a chain that divides Sweden and Norway, in the form of a natural wall. Finland is located to its north east. Sweden has maritime border along with Denmark, Poland, Latvia, Germany, Russia, Lithuania as well as Estonia, it is linked with Denmark by the Öresund Bridge. The people here, enjoys a mild temperate climate.

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ID 124172
34 y.o. female
Location: Hässleholm, Sweden
ID 107372
39 y.o. female
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
ID 126452
57 y.o. female
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
ID 126329
36 y.o. female
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
ID 118791
32 y.o. female
Location: Malmo, Sweden
ID 119058
47 y.o. female
Location: Linkoping, Sweden
ID 121538
36 y.o. female
Location: Gothenburg, Sweden

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