Tips For Online Dating

Planning on trying out online dating? These days with hectic lives and schedules, it’s no wonder more and more men are turning to the convenience of the Internet. In fact, more than a decade old, online dating has pretty much lost the stigma it had early on; nowadays it’s not uncommon to hear couples say they met on or eHarmony. However, online dating requires careful consideration since initially neither you nor the other person is able to see you live. Here are some helpful tips to assist you if this is your first foray:

Go With a Reputed Dating Site

This is one of the most important factors when deciding which website to visit. There’s been an explosion of online dating sites, with many being untrustworthy and potentially scams to try and trap eligible daters with snapshots of fake, beautiful women. So always remember to only sign up with a website that has a strong reputation. Check out its license and reviews before signing up or subscribing. Sometimes simply Googling the website name will give you an idea of their legitimacy. Here are other important sites:

Better Business Bureau:

Pissed Consumer:


Create a Striking Yet Honest Profile

Online dating is about sales, when it comes down to it. And your online profile is your first and sometimes the only representation you’ll have. It is crucial to build a profile that stands out from the crowd while reflecting the most interesting parts of your personality. Be clear about your characteristics, expectations and views. But most importantly, never, ever make the mistake of creating a false notion about you. Lies eventually are exposed and end up wasting the time of both yourself and the other party.

For instance, slight exaggerations of height, weight and other details are common. But keep it real. Don’t say you are 6 feet tall when you barely push 5 feet 8 with platform shoes. And keep the photos as real as possible too. Falsely representing yourself simply means you’ll waste a lot of time with a woman who is expecting something completely different and will leave you disappointed.

Keep the photos classy. Remember, you are searching for a soul mate, a lifetime companion. Don’t post tasteless photos that tend to attract the wrong type of women.

Just like writing ads, the headline is one of the most important elements. Headlines need to be short, catchy and memorable. They need to stand out from the thousands of other profiles. Humor is always useful. They say that if you can make a girl laugh, half the battle is already won.

Here’s a great article on 15 steps on making a woman laugh:

Be Respectful & Courteous

Always be respectful and courteous while dating online. If you are dating a girl from another culture, it’s suggested that you study the basics about her culture and tradition beforehand to avoid any misunderstanding or misinterpretation during the conversation. Don’t come off as too pushy or intrusive about her personal life right off the bat. Start things off with safer topics on common interests such as music, food, literature and movies. Later on as you grow closer, you can indulge in serious heart-to-heart talks. And another tip, avoid politics and religion!

List of top 10 safe topics to discuss:

Six topics to avoid:

Stay Away From Gold Diggers

You may come across some women online who will ask for cash straight up. This is a common dating scam where these women plead for money if they get a sense the guy is gullible and easily manipulated. But once she receives the money she is splitsville, never to be heard from again. So again, if you ever come across a woman who asks for money because of “family problems”, just say no.

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